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Our business is to keep your business technology operating continuously.

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Products & Services

Pentam can provide all or any combination of these services. Pentam can design a service solution to fit any companies needs.  Our services include:

  • Technological Evaluation and System Audit --  Pentam can do an evaluation and review of your current technological environment.  Pentam will do an inventory of all your computer hardware and software. Pentam can identify any areas of risk or weakness.  Pentam will recommend steps and solutions to mitigate your companies flaws.  Pentam will verify that all your computers are in compliance and have valid software licenses. 

  • Total Computer Management Support -  Pentam can provide any or all of company’s information technology resource requirements.  Pentam will work with your internal resources to provide a full range of system resources.  Pentam can assume the lead or supportive role for you needs.

  • Internet and Web Services - Pentam can evaluate and develop an internet strategy for your business.  All your web base services can be managed by us.  This includes your email, website and ecommerce business application.

  • Strategic System Planning and Design - Pentam can evaluate your current computer environment and develop a system strategy to assure your current and future business computer needs.   This includes both Hardware and Software Planning

    • Are your current programs being used to the best potential?

    • Are their better and more effective programs available?

    • What additional resources are necessary to elevate your business to the next level and how do Pentam get there?

    • What are the requirements for your internal network?

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recover Planning and Implementation -

    • Pentam become your business partner and proactively manage and secure your system resources. 

    • Pentam can assure that your computer resources run efficiently with minimum disruptions and down time. 

    • Pentam can secure your data, develop a backup strategy and quickly restore your systems data in case of system failure.

    • Pentam can monitor your systems to reduce disruptions because of computer viruses.   

  • Accounting and Customer Relationship Management Software - Pentam can install an accounting or CRM software package to support your company.

  • Microsoft Office Customization Service and Support - Microsoft Office is the standard for business.  Most businesses, however, utilize a fraction of this product potential. Pentam will work with you, to allow your business, the opportunity to take full advantage  of this product.

  • Customized Software Solutions - If your company requires a specialized piece of software Pentam can analyze design, program and implement a solution for your business.

  • Database Management - Pentam can design a database or maintain the existing database that your business requires.  Pentam has all but 30 years of experience in designing these solutions.

  • Security and Privacy Solutions for you Website and Network - All networks and computers are constantly under the threat of viruses, data and identity theft. Pentam will recommend, install and monitor software packages that will protect your network and data are from these threats.

  • Training - Pentam can train your staff on any component needed to support your technology.

  • Hardware Maintenance - Pentam can help you maintain company's hardware.